Odd Ball Out…. #Bladesallday (at Skate Depot)
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Nothing better than time spent with family. Happy Birthday Princess Phoenix 👑💕
Nothing beats time spent with family. Happy 4th Birthday Princess Phoenix. 👑💕
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We’ve been like family ever since we met. (Well, second time. Since you say I had an “attitude” the first time) 😂 Literally helped me get through these slight life changes in the last year and I appreciate you. We all know you’re about to do big things.They ain’t ready 🙌 This goes out to a great human being. Happy Birthday V 🎉👏😜
Stunt on em 💗
Out for the night 💁 #dimebeauties #straightstuntin
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I’mma worry ‘bout me…
Probably that time..
Let’s just have fun 😉💕👯 (at Supper Club)
Lets just have fun 😉💕👯
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